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(1) Take your First Steps in Getting Hired in a Digital Marketing Agency

This program is designed for interns and young professionals who choose to take their first steps in their career in Digital Marketing. Do you want to get hired in a digital agency? Do you know what it takes to have a competitive edge?

Find out the principles that I, Ionut R. Munteanu, have applied while running a digital agency for more than 10 years, with all the young professionals that graduated my internship program at WebDigital.

(2) Online Marketing Foundations Program

This program is designed for all who are curious about marketing environment and want to learn more about the digital world, how to plan, implement or measure the impact of digital strategies.

I will help you understand the principles of the digital environment and how to apply them to best suit your goals.

(3) Grow Your Team and Agency Program

This program is designed for agency owners, managers, and leaders of marketing teams who want to develop a growth mindset within their teams. Do you know how effective your team is and what your business and team stand for? Do you know how to preserve value so that you can have sustainable growth?

I will reveal the best principles that I’ve applied while running a digital agency for more than 10 years, subjects on ways to manage your team, to create automated processes, to motivate your team and to reach your objectives.

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