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Build a strong foundation in digital marketing!

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This is me, in a nutshell

Teacher, Speaker, Digital Marketing Evangelist & Entrepreneur

For the past 15 years and with over 20,000 hours of firsthand working experience in performance media and Digital Marketing, I have been actively striving to develop systems that can help countless people monetize their passion.

Through my efforts, I have successfully assisted more than 500 businesses, including e-commerce businesses, to grow their revenue and client base.

Additionally, I have mentored, coached, and developed over 50 young professionals, guiding them in their Digital Marketing careers.

As a native Romanian, I am passionate about romance languages. I became a polyglot and achieved fluency in French, Italian, and Portuguese before age 40 and in English before my 18th birthday

My online programs, seminars, workshops, and speaking engagements have enabled me to share my knowledge and message with thousands of people worldwide, inspiring them to pursue success in both their professional and personal lives.

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15Years+ Experience in Digital Marketing
19870Working Hours Hands-On in Performance Marketing
494Businesses Assisted for Growth
48Personally Coached Professionals

The Values Most Dear


I am a perpetual student of the human mind with a double degree in Sociology and Psychology, fluent in 5 languages and studying 4 other.

I believe in a non-stop learning lifestyle and constantly apply whatever I discover in my research.


My passion for self-improvement, peer development, and team management has inspired me to run a 20 people Digital Marketing agency for almost a decade.

The belief that "people should do the things they are most passionate about" has helped me and my team to invest time in a better way.


Nothing is more important than family and this foundation has inspired me to strive in becoming better support for everyone I know.

I have two wonderful kids and my view is that this is one type of experience you cannot truly understand until you've lived it (everything else can be studied).


The mix of KAIZEN Japanese principles lead me to take Mondays off the team's work-week to increase the overall efficiency.

I love disruptive concepts and out of the box thinking and this has inspired me to apply bold principles both in my personal and professional life.


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