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You will not consider the Company liable for damages, costs, liabilities, expenses (including attorneys’ fees) and amounts for any process, claim, or action filed by a third party against the Company as a result of
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4. Confidentiality

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5. Lack of guarantees

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6. Exoneration of liability

Use of this website is entirely at your sole risk. Pan Development SRL, officers, directors, agencies or any other party involved in the design, manufacture or provision of the Website are not liable for any direct or indirect damages of any kind arising out of or in connection with the use of this website or its content.

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7. Cookie Policy

A cookie is a text file that contains pieces of data collected when you visit a website. It is designed to help websites identify past user activity. This may include tracking if you clicked on special links or pages, whether you are logged into your profile, or have read certain pages over a period of several months.

There are different types of cookies and without them, websites could not work the way you used to use them.

We’ll explain what types of cookies are used on this website so you can decide if you are happy if you want to delete existing cookies or even disable cookies when you view our website.

What type of cookies are used:

Cookies strictly required

These are essential cookies that allow you to navigate our site and use its features. These cookies do not collect information about you that could be used for advertising or to record your activity on the internet.

Performance cookies

They collect information about how you use the website, which pages are viewed most often, and whether you encounter error messages. They do not collect information that can identify you, all data being anonymous. Performance cookies are only used to improve the way the site works.

Cookies on functionality

They record your choices (such as your preferred language) and give you personalized use features. They can record the changes you made on the site. The information they collect can be made anonymous. They strictly refer to our website and can not track other websites you visit.

Targeting cookies

They provide you with relevant ads or messages according to your interests. Sometimes targeting cookies are linked to other sites, such as Facebook.

The four categories of cookies are classified either as temporary (“session” cookies) or longer term (“permanent cookies”).

“Session” cookies record your actions in a single browsing session. This “session” starts when the page is open and ends when it is closed. Then cookies are deleted forever.

“Permanent” cookies are the ones that stay on your phone or computer for a certain amount of time. They are automatically enabled when you visit a specific site again.

Delete cookies

If you are not satisfied with the use of cookies on this website, you can easily delete them from your browser. You can also set the browser to block cookies or display a warning before a cookie is stored on your computer.

8. Revisions of these terms and conditions

Pan Development S.R.L may, at any time and without prior notice, revise these terms and conditions by updating them. You are required to comply with any and all such revisions and that is why you will need to visit this page of our site periodically to understand the updated terms of use.

Applicable Legislation and Jurisdiction

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