Călin Ionescu Picture
Călin Ionescu
Head of Accounts at Minio Studio Agency
I would definitely give Ionuț a 10

Today I learned about digital marketing and what does it mean. If I need to describe Ionuț’s training of Online Marketing Foundation in one word, I would say it was very captivating. If I need to describe Ionuț training of Online Marketing Foundation in more words, I would say that there is a lot of information that is structured in the form of a relevant story telling.

He started from a conception and went in depth to help me understand how to apply those concepts in my day by day work. I liked the part of the course where he taught where to start from and how to establish your campaign goals.

I liked that the training was very interactive and that every person had examples of tactics that can be applied. If I would need to rate Ionuț from 1 to 10, I will definitely give him 10.

If I would have a chance to discuss with the new participant of Ionuț’s training, I would advise that person to leave home all perceptions as Ionuț helped me realize what are the mix and matches that I can use in order to apply new concepts.