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Cătălin Matei
Founder of Increase Media Agency
Ionuț showed us what we didn’t know

I have been knowing Ionuț for a long time now. About 8 or 10 months ago me and my team were having a good size of success, we were doing a great work for our clients, but the problem was we didn’t know how to do it again.

In the process of doing that work, we had a lot of hurdles and a lot of pain and effort were involved to realize that outcome. So even though we were technically successful, we didn’t know how to replicate or keep going on that matter of fact.

So me and my team, we had a couple of conversations with Ionuț and he showed what we didn’t know, because those things especially for us were things that we didn’t know that we didn’t know and we couldn’t find out the solutions for ourselves.

We went into very interesting consulting process where we collaborated together on solving our problems. He gave us templates, resources, support and so many other things. So now we have the infrastructure in place to start building on top of this, to start creating the processes, the systems, the templates, and actually be able to know that we will deliver a result that we can deliver it again and again.

So it is not just luck, technically speaking, is not just a chance. It is going more into the direction of an agency that actually can be scaled. So what we do right now can be shared with other clients and our impact can be brought in metrics like revenue and profitability and any other things.

So I am really satisfied with the work that we have been doing, we are really grateful that we have worked with Ionuț on all these things that we find very complicated, but he makes them simple.

With the templates that he gives you and advise that he gives you, he allows you to prioritize things that are important to you in your scenario. So it is very good infrastructure that you need to grow an agency!