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Andrei Cozma
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The things that he thought me were meant to better me

I have been knowing Ionuț for a while. I met him at WebDigital, where I did my internship. I have to be honest with you and tell that I didn’t like him at the beginning. I had the feeling that he was contradicting me all the time. He made me do a lot of things that I believed were nonsense at that time and I didn’t understand their roles.

He had so many procedures on how to manage your emails, how to borrow a book from WebDigital Library. It was too much for me at that time. After leaving the company I started to face such things like time management and email processing in my current job, where there are no procedures and I needed to disciple myself.

I have realized that all the things that he was teaching me at that time were meant to take me out of my comfort zone and bettering myself. Unfortunately I didn’t appreciate him at that time, but I would say better late than never.