26 Nov

I was at ECOmm360 – Conference1 min read

Thank you ECOmm360 for the opportunity to be a speaker at the event on October 29, 2019.

I had an energetic day with Bogdan Colceriu, Frisbo CEO; Cosmin Daraban, Co-founder of GoMag; Robert Trandafir, Co-Founder Gun Media; Sorin Drăghici, Managing Partner DWF; Ovidiu Joița, iAgency Owner; Attila Birtha, Founder proClick, Ciprian Cazacu, Co-Founder & Business Dev at easySales; Florin Toma, eCommerce Manager DHL Express; Gabriel Caramis, Woobble CEO; Livia Pupaza, Online Marketing Specialist, adLemonade.

During the event were discussed topics such as:

  • Media budgets and its management.
  • What do you need to know before opening an online store?
  • What does SEO mean in 2019?
  • What do you need to know before Black Friday?
  • Marketing presonas
  • What does a well thought out strategy contain?
  • How do we choose the objectives?

You can see more photos from the event on my Facebook page, or watch the video from the event on my YouTube channel.

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