26 Nov

We played Clickplanners in Bucharest

I am a fan of people, their evolution and their transformation.

From the desire to help the team grow, to improve, we have come to the conclusion that we need more methods by which we can support the learning process.

Drawing on and from international examples, such as Robert Kiyosaki’s play on the flow of money, together with the WebDigital team, we will build our own game learning support for the first steps in digital marketing, called Clickplanners.

What is Clickplanners?

🎲 A game where you learn how promotion channels like Youtube, Facebook, Google, Google Display Network work in your favor no matter their complexity.

During the workshop we were divided into teams of two. One team member is dedicated to traffic procurement and the bidding process, and the second is to analyze the results and monitor them.

The teams represented some online stores, had a budget and that objective was to grow that business.

All teams:

  • they drew up a strategic plan
  • they faced the challenges in the form of visitors coming to the site
  • they received a lot of insight into the cases that occurred during the game

The event was organized in 2 sessions and the online marketing Foundation – First Base event was accessed. An event of 2 days of 6h with me in which we delve into:

  • the indicators we need to consider in a campaign
  • media acquisition
  • how you manage media budgets
  • how to build a keyword list
  • what are other marketing weapons and how to use them
  • how to make a marketing strategy

I mean, in both sessions, we witnessed a bespoke competition!

Congratulations to the winning teams:

Session 1 🏆 Andreea Zisu and Adrian Pali

Session 2 🏆 Gabriela Gheorghe and Adrian Șerbănescu

But stay that way, I also had a BONUS 🎁📕

As John C. Maxwell says sometimes you win, sometimes you learn! All the participants had a lot to learn, and for the most active I prepared a gift, namely John C. Maxwell’s book!

🏆 Congratulations to Alexandru Gabriel Iosif and Danion Vasile for their active involvement and interesting questions!

Photos from the event can be found here.

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Cu o experiență de peste 15 ani şi peste 20,000 ore de lucru în Digital Marketing, 4 companii înființate și active în piața, m-am străduit constant să construiesc sisteme care să ajute oamenii să-şi valorifice pasiunea. În tot acest timp, am ajutat mai mult de 500 companii să îşi crească cifra de afaceri şi clientela. Am mentorat și contribuit la dezvoltarea a peste 50 de profesionişti, îndrumându-i în cariera lor în Digital Marketing pe care au ales-o. Am fondat agenția de performance media, WebDigital și am fondat și lansat solutia SaaS Reefkig. Sunt membru în consiliul director IAB Romania și în consiliul director CEE Digital Alliance. Îmi doresc să asist în dezvoltarea competențelor în piața de digital marketing din România, atât pe specialiști, cât și pe antreprenori.

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