27 Nov

Who is CEE Digital Alliance and why did they meet up in Bucharest?

CEE Digital Alliance, a union of top independent digital marketing agencies in the CEE region had its 5th gathering in Bucharest. Our mission is to help import and export clients thrive in a rich and diverse cultural environment.

After more than a decade of experience working and helping businesses grow I realize that for a media buying focused agency is very helpful to group the clients in 4 major categories based on the market audience that their clients’ businesses target and the language of the campaigns they run. So there you have it:

  1. Foreign clients
  2. Local clients 
  3. Export clients
  4. Import clients

Let’s set up the point of reference, which is very much needed so my explanation can make sense to you. WebDigital is a digital marketing agency, based in Romania and we run campaigns in our local language, Romanian, and also English which can be used also to target English speaking audience living in Romania. So we set Romania and Romanian as the language and country of origin for my explanation. 

Having that in mind, let’s talk about each of the 4 categories! 

The foreign clients are the ones that we run their campaigns in the language of the audience, but that is different from the language or the country from which the digital agency is from. For example, it can be a local business in the UK that we, a Romanian agency, help promote in the UK for UK audience. 

It can also be a UK based e-shop that mainly targets UK audience, meaning that the campaigns we run for target only that region, or other regions but use English as the target language. I chose this example, as WebDigital doesn’t run campaigns in French for french audience, at the moment, but if we had this would also be part of the same group, foreign clients.

The local client group is kind of self explanatory. Are the clients that are based in Romania and for which we use Romanian as the main target language and audience. All communication and landing pages are in Romanian. This group of clients are the ones that benefit from our extensive know-how of local Romanian culture.

In an international open market, for an e-commerce it is not very complicated to serve some clients that are foreign, but if that number rises then a lot of logistics are needed and different processes are required, the language of the landing pages, foreign market expertise and different campaigns. 

That is when businesses start to export. These export clients are the clients based in Romania, as this is our point of reference for this explanation, but it can be in any of the countries of origin for the digital agency, which businesses need to run and target different markets in those markets’ languages. Let’s say a romanian e-shop wants to deploy campaigns in Poland and target the Polish market in Polish. 

On the other end of this spectrum are the import clients that want to target Romania or the country of origin for their expansion strategy. Let’s say an e-shop based in Poland wants to target Romania and needs to run campaigns in Romanian.

There you have it, the 4 macro-segments!

What is so beautiful about the CEE region? Is it the cultural diversity? There are at least a dozen countries in the region that have different languages and plenty of cultural differences, proven by history. 

So how can we help businesses grow and flourish in such a culturally diverse market? 

This is CEE Digital Alliance, a fellowship of top performing, award-winning, Google recognized agencies covering this immense cultural diverse Central and Estern Europe market. Agencies from Romania, Poland, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia, Croatia, Chech Republic, Bulgaria, Ukraine gathered as partners and founded CEE Digital Alliance to help businesses expand their markets and take advantage of the local knowledge that each of the agencies posses. 

CEE Digital Alliance partnership totals over 500+ certified experts with over 24million € managed media budgets every year and 2100+ delivered projects which helped their members to help clients with seamless access to effective digital marketing solutions. 

All members of CEE Digital Alliance are Google Partner independent agencies with minimum 4 years of market presence which have 60+ EU/ Google Awards and Nominations.

KG-Media, WebDigital, Dinetix, Bluerank, Growww Digital, Effectix, Basta Digital, Kokos agency, Slopelift, DWF, Netpeak, are the titans behind the curtains of CEE Digital Alliance, that have the courage to localize all marketing actions, by exchanging ideas on how to provide a top-performing digital marketing services from their own experiences and apply accordingly to their countries environments.

Together with other co-founders of the alliance I devoted myself to the idea of building and developing a valuable source of information about Central and Eastern Europe markets’ challenges and opportunities to grow your business from a network of trusted, local and top-performing digital marketing agencies. 

Periodically we meet with representatives from all of the partner agencies and exchange program ideas for enriching our collective knowledge base and success stories of our work together. This time it was Romania’s turn to host the meeting, and we did it and they loved it. 

Check out the pictures on Facebook and Instagram! And if you are in any of those client categories don’t hesitate to become our success stories. Send me an email and I know some people who can help you! 

Check out the SoundCloud for enjoying this material in audio format.

Cu o experiență de peste 15 ani şi peste 20,000 ore de lucru în Digital Marketing, 4 companii înființate și active în piața, m-am străduit constant să construiesc sisteme care să ajute oamenii să-şi valorifice pasiunea. În tot acest timp, am ajutat mai mult de 500 companii să îşi crească cifra de afaceri şi clientela. Am mentorat și contribuit la dezvoltarea a peste 50 de profesionişti, îndrumându-i în cariera lor în Digital Marketing pe care au ales-o. Am fondat agenția de performance media, WebDigital și am fondat și lansat solutia SaaS Reefkig. Sunt membru în consiliul director IAB Romania și în consiliul director CEE Digital Alliance. Îmi doresc să asist în dezvoltarea competențelor în piața de digital marketing din România, atât pe specialiști, cât și pe antreprenori.

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