Ștefan Alexandrescu Picture
Ștefan Alexandrescu
Schema Dynamics Programming founder, consultant and practitioner

I have interacted with Ionut Munteanu as a participant in the specialists’ meeting event called The SEO PPC World, where he was a co-organizer with Olivian Breda.
Ionut is a walking-talking web marketing library, with a lot of information and strategies to share with generosity with all those passionate about it. It’s hard to keep up with Ionut, he is a fast-paced professional obsessed (in a good sense) with goal-reaching strategies. He knows how to talk with customers and how to transmit knowledge, experience and information, as a public speaker, trainer and personal consultant in the areas of SEO, PPC, SEM, Google-based technology and Digital Marketing.

Anca Silaghi Picture
Anca Silaghi
Google Ads & Facebook Ads Specialist

I highly recommend Ionuț. I worked with him for 5 years and he taught me everything I know about online marketing. He is really smart and ambitious, and always a pleasure to work with. He always knows what to say and makes people want to reach their fullest potential. I am really lucky to have met Ionuț and learned so much from him.

Bogdan Aron Picture
Bogdan Aron
Former Managing Director at 2Performant

He’s one of the oldest online friends. We no longer debate as much as we did at the PPC SEO World 10 years ago, and we’ve changed a little the subjects. We’ve switched from Quality Score to Agile, from what has emerged in AdWords as you share your vision with the people you work with. But whenever it is a pleasure to have a debate or to meet you at an event. Keep up the good work, man!

Mădălina Hodorog Picture
Madalina Hodorog
Trainer | Business Strategist | Founder @ ReImagine Education

I had the pleasure to work with Ionuț at TeCOMM eCommerce Conference&Expo from Cluj-Napoca. The 9th edition was hosted by him with great feedback from the participants, but also us, the organizers.

As a moderator, he was very professional and also natural in transmitting the message, creating a relaxed atmosphere throughout the event. Ionuț can easily adapt to changes, being open to new ideas.

He can also moderate debate sessions, being particularly objective and giving all speakers to expose their opinions without dominating the whole debate.

Ionuț has great public speaking skills and he is able to feel the audience and adapt their feedback.

It was a pleasure to work with you!

Olivian Breda Picture
Olivian Breda
Self-employed: SEO, UX and WordPress Freelancer

I’ve worked with Ionuț MUNTEANU, since 2009, on various occasions:
– I was a client of his;
– He was a client of mine;
– We worked together on various projects.

I will give you top 5 reasons for which I appreciate Ionuț MUNTEANU:
1. He is SO great with people; small talk, important things, funny things, very serious things – he is good with understanding & expressing emotions;

2. He puts a lot of passion in his work, he seems to have an almost infinite amount of energy;

3. He has good skills with Internet marketing, a lot of experience both in agencies and running his own company; very good managing skills;

4. He is very dependable; if he says he’ll do something, you can count on his word;

5. We worked great together in organizing “Lumea SEO PPC” event, from promoting the event, to organizing some meetings it, and, all-in-all, to getting things done whenever needed; more details about the event on: http://lumeaseoppc.ro/

Cristian Manafu Picture
Cristian Manafu
Owner at The Connector, Managing Partner at Evensys

A man full of energy and always cheerful. A careful and cultivated professional. A trustworthy and always involved partner.

Delia Constantinescu Picture
Delia Constantinescu
Fashion Ecommerce Business Owner

I worked closely with Ionut and got to see his amazing dedication for the projects he involves himself into, his sense of duty when taking on SEO / PPC project and his commitment to always study and better himself in an industry where information is king.
I definitely recommend Ionut for being the best person to do business with regarding SEO and PPC and for having a drink after the job is done. He is a dedicated and top-notch professional, a great speaker and also a great and funny guy which I enjoy seeing all the time

Antonios Ivan Karalazos Picture
Antonios Ivan Karalazos
Director of Digital Marketing

Ionut is a versatile expert in the field of marketing and new technologies. Accessible, facetious, an exceptional speaker and a polyglot. We have known each other since 2015., momentarily we have a very successful collaboration within the BlueAlliance cluster (digital agencies network from the CEE region). He is a pleasure to work with or hang out socially.