Andrei Cozma Picture
Andrei Cozma
Google Ads Specialist eMAG

I have been knowing Ionuț for a while. I met him at WebDigital, where I did my internship. I have to be honest with you and tell that I didn’t like him at the beginning. I had the feeling that he was contradicting me all the time. He made me do a lot of things that I believed were nonsense at that time and I didn’t understand their roles.

He had so many procedures on how to manage your emails, how to borrow a book from WebDigital Library. It was too much for me at that time. After leaving the company I started to face such things like time management and email processing in my current job, where there are no procedures and I needed to disciple myself.

I have realized that all the things that he was teaching me at that time were meant to take me out of my comfort zone and bettering myself. Unfortunately I didn’t appreciate him at that time, but I would say better late than never.

Ilinca Văleanu Picture
Ilinca Văleanu
Senior Account Minio Studio Agency

Ionuț’s training helped me a lot to structure the information about digital marketing. He is very interactive and if I needed to rate him from 1 to 10, it will definitely give 10.

Dragoș Pop Picture
Dragoș Pop
Optimization Executive iProspect

Ionuț is like a chameleon. He adapts as a manager accordingly to your needs even if you know it or even if you don’t. He knows when you need to be left alone and lets you do the work how you think is the right way to do. He is always there if you need him. What is cool about him, is that he knows how to adapt to every person. Beside this part of him being the manager, he can also be your friend. He helped me a lot at the beginning of my professional life in digital marketing by giving me a lot of chances to get confident and jumpstart my career.

Ștefan Marin Picture
Ștefan Marin
Consultant Digital

I have been knowing Ionuț for more than 5 years now and we have been working together for 4 years. Ionuț is a very complex person and there are a lot of things to say about him.

On one hand he is an expert in digital marketing with a lot of experience in helping small and big companies to grow their revenues.

On the other hand, he is an entrepreneur who founded 2 successful businesses. He is also a great speaker and trainer as he is very charismatic and fill his training with a lot of passion and and structure.

I had a lot of things to learn from him over these years and would like to thank him for this.

Dragoș Smeu Picture
Dragoș Smeu
Managing Partner at Mavericks Agency

I was thinking about the best word that I will relate to Ionuț and the word will be roots. He is the person that helped me and guided me at the beginning of my professional life in digital marketing for more than 10 years now. I am so grateful for his advice and for the time that we worked together which made me fall in love with digital marketing and would love to thank him!

Ioana Mucenic Picture
Ioana Mucenic
Founder of Minio Studio

It is very hard to describe Ionuț’s training in one word. His is doing an enormous effort to guide people in a lot of information existing out there, but he does it in a very accessible and funny way that helps you to retain the information and helps you connect all the pieces that everyone has from digital marketing.

He is very good at connecting this information by giving them a structure. I have hired Ionuț to have a training with my team and I think it is a good investment as he offered a lot of useful information in a very passionate way. He is really an expert in digital marketing field!

Călin Ionescu Picture
Călin Ionescu
Head of Accounts at Minio Studio Agency

Today I learned about digital marketing and what does it mean. If I need to describe Ionuț’s training of Online Marketing Foundation in one word, I would say it was very captivating. If I need to describe Ionuț training of Online Marketing Foundation in more words, I would say that there is a lot of information that is structured in the form of a relevant story telling.

He started from a conception and went in depth to help me understand how to apply those concepts in my day by day work. I liked the part of the course where he taught where to start from and how to establish your campaign goals.

I liked that the training was very interactive and that every person had examples of tactics that can be applied. If I would need to rate Ionuț from 1 to 10, I will definitely give him 10.

If I would have a chance to discuss with the new participant of Ionuț’s training, I would advise that person to leave home all perceptions as Ionuț helped me realize what are the mix and matches that I can use in order to apply new concepts.

Florin Bratu Picture
Florin Bratu
Director of Sales & Marketing KWLG

There is in physics the concept of positive ion and negative ion. Ionuț is overflowing with positivism. My name is Florin Bratu and I have been working with Ionuț and WebDigital for a while. If there was only one thing I had to say about him it would be that he is a catalyst for changing perspective.

Mihai Alexandru Andrei Picture
Mihai Alexandru Andrei
Managing Partner at WebDigital

Give a man a fish and you will feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you will feed him for a life-time.
I am Mihai and I have been learning from Ionuț for over 10 years and I can say that I am one of the people that he taught to fish. There is a lot to say about Ionuț, about his training and his teaching, but if I had to summarize it, I would say that he forgets himself in order to serve you.
If you are at the beginning of your career or if you are a professional at what you are doing a training with Ionuț can help you become a better version of yourself.

The level of involvement in the process of training that he is doing with his students is really high and amazing and I am sure that this is what makes him great at what he does.
Together with Ionuț you can find the necessary tools and techniques that can help you make the next great step in your career.

Cătălin Matei Picture
Cătălin Matei
Founder of Increase Media Agency

I have been knowing Ionuț for a long time now. About 8 or 10 months ago me and my team were having a good size of success, we were doing a great work for our clients, but the problem was we didn’t know how to do it again.

In the process of doing that work, we had a lot of hurdles and a lot of pain and effort were involved to realize that outcome. So even though we were technically successful, we didn’t know how to replicate or keep going on that matter of fact.

So me and my team, we had a couple of conversations with Ionuț and he showed what we didn’t know, because those things especially for us were things that we didn’t know that we didn’t know and we couldn’t find out the solutions for ourselves.

We went into very interesting consulting process where we collaborated together on solving our problems. He gave us templates, resources, support and so many other things. So now we have the infrastructure in place to start building on top of this, to start creating the processes, the systems, the templates, and actually be able to know that we will deliver a result that we can deliver it again and again.

So it is not just luck, technically speaking, is not just a chance. It is going more into the direction of an agency that actually can be scaled. So what we do right now can be shared with other clients and our impact can be brought in metrics like revenue and profitability and any other things.

So I am really satisfied with the work that we have been doing, we are really grateful that we have worked with Ionuț on all these things that we find very complicated, but he makes them simple.

With the templates that he gives you and advise that he gives you, he allows you to prioritize things that are important to you in your scenario. So it is very good infrastructure that you need to grow an agency!